iHealth-AssistantTM helps doctors provide better care to their patients. iHealth-AssistantTM App’s main objective is to help patients record and track their health problems, vitals, symptoms, medications, etc., and share their records with the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Also, iHealth-AssistantTM helps patients store their medical records, lab reports, prescription orders, etc., so they can easily share their health summary and reports with any doctor at any time. With your health records stored, your doctors don’t have to struggle with lack of information for a proper diagnosis, and the patients don’t have to chase their primary care doctor for reports. In addition, iHealth-AssistantTM enables patients to set up self-alerts/reminders for medications & appointments, as well as set up ER Health Buddy for emergency care. iHealth-AssistantTM App greatly enhances the way doctors provide care to their patients, empowers patients to control their own health, assists during emergency, and reduces healthcare costs.