How it works

Objective: To manage health, medications, medical records, and help doctors to provide better care.


  • Snap & Store
    Snap a picture of your lab report, prescription, referrals, and much more. Upload the picture from your mobile or computer to the iHealth-Assistant App. Store your health records for easy access and sharing.


  • Health Records
    Manage all your health records in one place with the iHealth-Assistant App. Access your health records at any time from anywhere and share with doctors via TEXT or email. You can easily share your saved health records by using the ‘Share Health Records’ option.


  • Monitor Health
    Use the ‘Monitor Health’ option to monitor your health indicators such as blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar, TSH, etc. Just input your data into the appropriate category and easily keep a record of all your health conditions and treatments. Monitoring your health can help share your symptoms and problems more accurately with the doctors for better diagnosis and treatment.


  • Medications
    Keep track of your medications with the iHealth-Assistant App. Record your prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, and supplements including the dosage, frequency, duration, and any instructions given by the doctor. You can also add the start and finish date of the medication. Using the medication tracker will help you track all your medications in one place and easily share the information with your doctor and other healthcare providers.


  • Health Reminders
    Use Health Reminders to schedule and send health reminders to yourself via TEXT. Set up reminders in the app for doctor visits, lab tests, medicine alerts, and medication reorders. The reminders will help you keep track of your health proactively.


  • Health Summary
    Generate your health summary file containing all your health-related data. You can generate your own Health Summary with components such as medical problems, medications, allergies, blood pressure, temperature, lab test results, etc. Generating a health summary will help you when you share information with your doctor, specialists, or hospital. You can share your health summary file with the doctors or other healthcare providers via a TEXT or email.


  • ER Health Buddy
    Add your emergency contacts to ER Health-Buddy to access and share your health summary during an emergency. ER Health-Buddy is helpful during a medical emergency to help share your health summary, including any chronic medical condition, medication history, or allergies to any medication, etc., which could be critical for providing treatment, without any delay.